Drinking problems?

Drinking problem is a common hidden and mostly denied problem that must be treated before you let it destroy your life

Is your Alcohol dependency ruining your life?

How would you like to stop drinking today?

Alcohol dependency is far more common than admitted ando ften goes undetected.

Only one-third of people with alcohol problems are diagnosed. It can range from binge drinking to alcohol dependence. Problem drinkers tend to not seek help until they have advanced dependence, often with social or health complications. It is well established that the earlier the admission of a problem, the less harm is done and the quicker a satisfactory resolution is achieved. If you “need a drink” it’s time ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel you have been overdoing it and you need to cut down on your drinking?
  • Have you ever felt annoyed by people criticizing your drinking?
  • Has your drinking ever led to feelings of guilty or remorse?
  • Have you ever felt the need for a drink to steady your self first thing in the morning?

Yes to one or more of the following questions suggest that you may need help!

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Alcoholic dependency can develop gradually over time. Dependency may result in a downward spiralling failure to fulfil obligations at home or at work.You may have started with a glass or two of wine or beer to wind down after a busy day. Eventually more is required to give you the same effect. You are then on the road to becoming a habitual or problem drinker. Soon the situation arises where after the initial alcohol effects have worn off; it is followed by negative feelings leading to a downward spiral, procrastination, shortness of temper, work problems and relationship problems. The inability to relax, erratic behaviour, mood swings, slurred speech, hyperactivity, not taking care of one’s self and the deterioration of physical appearance shows that alcohol has taken a grip on you. You may be the last one to recognise that you have a drinking problem. If you experience any warning signs or behaviour you can check by completing our “Alcohol Self-Assessment” evaluation

Discover hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Drinking problems can be permanently eliminated in just one session.
Take back control of your life!

Stop drinking today!

Hypnotherapy can help you stop drinking for good

Hypnotherapy is the Best Solution!

Remember that the spirit in the man or woman is always stronger than the spirit in the glass or bottle. Hypnotherapy can activate your inner spirit to stop drinking. It can also empower you and show you a better way to boost your confidence, to wind down,relax and embrace life.

Total Mind Dynamics and Tom Ryan have been helping people stop drinking with hypnotherapy and NLP for over 20 years.

Tom Ryan has created a powerful Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP program for the specialized treatment of alcohol dependency that can help you life a “alcohol free” life.

All treatments are one-to-one confidential private basis and  sucessfull!

“All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. One hour later you will be free from panic and anxiety. This Panic Disorder elimination is guaranteed for life.”

Can you be hypnotised?


Why should you consider Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a uniquely effective and gentle way of resolving the alcohol problem

Hypnotherapy is the most effective method in the treatment of alcohol dependency.

  • No more alcohol,
  • No side effects
  • No dependency
  • No drugs and pills
  • No more panic or anxiety
  • 100% safe and natural way

Stop drinking and embrace your true life potential. Take back control of your life!

Amelia V. Manchester

“College…. Freedom…. Drink. Drugs…Sex…Four years later graduated but wrecked. Went home in bits. Mother saw right through me and sent me to Tom. With mother’s nutrition and Tom’s magic I got a new life and started my own IT business which is a wonderful success. Thank you both.”

James S. Co Roscommon

“In desperation and without much hope I went to Tom for help. In weeks I was back to my old self, free from drink, free from excuses and free from the need for drink. I have my life and my business back thanks to Tom”

Catherine Mc. Newry

“I never thought I could enjoy life like I do now without drinking. No hangovers or making a fool of myself either”

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