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Blushing is a normal human physiological response.

It becomes excessive if it makes you anxiously aware of it and the anxiety feeds the blushing.

Blushing is an unconsciously triggered response that stimulates an uncomfortable flush and an embarrassing self-conscious feeling or kinaesthetic reaction to a given situation. It leaves blushers  feeling out of control, embarrassed, exposed and upset. It is confidence shattering, profoundly undermining and it negatively affects their ability to relate to and communicate with others.

Gillian’s story:

Gillian felt that her life was being destroyed. She was a blusher. She constantly felt exposed. Imagine facing an interview or important meeting or a dating prospect with this problem?
Gillian became withdrawn and depressed as a result. Gillian came to me she said “as a last resort”.

I explained to her that to eliminate blushing for good I would identify the underlying trigger or programming with hypnosis, and re-programme her mind instead with a more effective response mechanism. I further switch her input and processing of information and
reaction from kinaesthetic or feeling to visual (these are modes we use input and interpret information). Once this was done Gillian simply could not blush any more. It is physiologically impossible to blush when processing in the visual mode. I then proceed to rebuild her self-confidence and as she put it ‘gave me back my life’. Gillian says that if you are a blusher like she was, give Tom a call and take back your life like she did.

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Hypnosis can help you with chronic and excessive blushing

Say goodbye to your blushing problem!

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What you will experience is a new sense of confident. No more excessive blushing. No more hiding or embarrassment.  No more anxiety caused by your fear of blushing. Your life can be normal again.

Total Mind Dynamics and Tom Ryan have been treating chronical and excessive blushing with hypnotherapy and NLP for over 20 years.
Tom Ryan has created a powerful Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP program for the specialized treatment of blushing that can help you permanently cure your mind instantly so that you can start to live a new life without constantly blushing and feeling embarrassed.

All treatments are one-to-one confidential private basis and sucessfull!

“All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. 

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The only safe and efficient way to get rid of your blushing problem

Hypnotherapy is the most effective method in the treatment of excessive blushing and blushing anxiety! 

  • No more blushing
  • No more anxiety
  • Permanent solution
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Embrace your true potential in every aspect of your life. Don’t let your blushing problem get in the way!

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