Performance anxiety

Are you having constant fear that you won’t live up to your capabilities or others expectations?

Is performance anxiety taking away your chances in life?

Want to Overcome Performance Anxiety in Music, Acting, Sports, Sex or any other situation…?

Performance Anxiety is a debilitating fear that you won’t live up to your capabilities or others expectations and you will let yourself down in front of them.

Constantly being told that you aren’t good enough or that you will fail tends to become self-fulfilling prophecy. It can inhibit you in many
ways and prevent you from achieving your true potential and experiencing the quality of life you deserve. It can be the difference between success and failure. However it need not be because it can be quickly and easily eliminated.

Both your expectation and your capabilities can be completely changed.

Don’t you want to embrace your true potential in every aspect of your life? From exams, acting, singing to achieving your maximum capabilities in sports and athletics don’t you want to be capable of your best?

To achieve your true potential in any area of life, performance anxiety can be and must be eliminated.

Like all other mind programs this can be completely changed to life enhancing experiences where you can joyfully perform to your full capabilities. Isn’t this the one thing in life you want to lose?

Being the center of attention and having all eyes on you can be very stressful. Your mind reacts to this situation in much the same way as if you are beeing under attack.

Performance anxiety symptoms may include:

  • Racing pulse and rapid breathing
  • Dry mouth and tight throat
  • Trembling hands, knees, lips, and voice
  • Sweaty and cold hands
  • Nausea and an uneasy feeling in your stomach
  • Vision changes
  • Erection problems

Discover hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can help you permanently forget about your fears and anxieties!

Say goodbye to performance anxiety!

Discover Hypnosis therapy that can change your life

Performance anxiety can be permanently and successfully eliminated in just one session hypnosis session.

Total Mind Dynamics and Tom Ryan have been treating all forms of performance anxiety with hypnotherapy, NLP and teaching people how to live a better life for over 20 years.

Tom Ryan has created a powerful Hypnotherapeutic, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Buteyko treatment specially designed for those that want to permanently get rid of performance anxiety and live a more happier and successful life.

All treatments are one-to-one confidential private basis and most importantly – sucessfull!

“All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.”

Can you be hypnotised?


Why should you consider Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the only efficient way to permanently get rid of performance anxiety

Hypnotherapy is the only effective method to change your life to better! 

  • No more panic
  • No more anxiety
  • No more sweating, nausea, racing pulse or erectile problems
  • Safe and natural way

Embrace your true potential in every aspect of your life. Don’t let performance anxiety to ruin your dreams!

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