Painless child birth

Childbirth can be enjoyable, easy and happy experience for you and your baby!

How would you like to have painless child birth?

Yes! Painless childbirth is actually possible for every woman!

Painful childbirth is a matter of social conditioning that women, predominately in the western world, have been conditioned to expect. Childbirth under natural and normal conditions is a wonderfully profound and beautiful experience that can be free of pain.

From an early age women are presented with images and hear stories from TV, girlfriends and mothers that continually reinforce the negative conditioning that giving birth is difficult and painful.

Suggestions repeated over and over take root in our unconscious mind and tend to be realized. When it comes to giving birth, all the suggestions in your mind are fearful and difficult. This has a direct impact on how your body feels and reacts. The negative
suggestions contract muscles, tighten the birth canal and provide you with the painful ‘evidence’ you have been conditioned to experience.

There are native cultures in China, South America, Siberia and many other places that have not been socially conditioned to expect painful childbirth. Their expectations are of enjoyable and easy childbirth. As a result that is what they experience. The body responds
to the minds conditioning and fulfils its expectations.

In rural parts of China heavily pregnant women continue working in the rice paddies right up to time for birth. When it is time for them to give birth they simply go off to one side, squat down and have their babies in a few minutes. They then return to work, and elderly ladies of the community bring the babies home to wet nurses and tend to them.

It’s all down to the programming, and the programming can be changed

Don’t you and your baby deserve this?

Painless childbirth is really possible!

Eliminate the pain during labour and child birth by training your mind before you give birth. Join hundreds of women who gave birth safe and easy way without drugs and anestethics

If you are pregnant it is surely in your best interest try our session and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose but pain.

Discover hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can help you eliminate the pain during labour and child birth by training your mind before you give birth!

Say goodbye to performance anxiety!

Discover Hypnosis therapy that can change your life

Our re-programming process using hypnosis bring you back to expectation where you, like the other women who have gone through this experience, can have a totally painless and beautiful experience of welcoming your new baby into the world. Don’t you and your baby
deserve this? You don’t have to feel any pain.

Total Mind Dynamics and Tom Ryan have been helping pregnant women or those that plan with hypnotherapy and NLP to get pregnant to free their mind from negative beliefs and to experience painless childbirth for over 20 years.

Tom Ryan has created a powerful Hypnotherapeutic, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Buteyko treatment specially designed for women to permanently get rid of fears and negative thoughts that cause contraction and pain.

All treatments are one-to-one confidential private basis and most importantly – sucessfull!

“All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.”

If you are pregnant it is surely in your best interest to call for a free consultation

Can you be hypnotised?


Why should you consider Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can help you with your easy experience of child birth

Hypnotherapy can help you avoid the negative experience with labours and childbirth

  • No pills, drugs and anaesthetics
  • No fear of childbirth
  • No pain and stress for you and the baby
  • Safe and natural way

Don’t you and your baby deserve painless childbirth?

Your can have

Painless Childbirth


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