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All learning difficulties including dyslexia can be unlearned and replaced by excellent learning strategies
Stop struggling and learn the easy way
Want to overcome all of your learning problems?

People with dyslexia can read. It is not a disease. It’s a brain processing dysfunction that can be corrected.

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‘Dynamic Learning’ is an amazingly effective system that duplicates the internal learning strategies of top students to make learning easy and successful for everyone.

This includes students with a wide spectrum of learning difficulties from attention difficulties to dyslexia.
Top students with excellent learning strategies are assumed to be more intelligent. That assumption is a fallacy. They simply have more efficient internal learning strategies. Those strategies can be identified, classified, modelled and learned by others. Installing those
strategies in the minds of students with learning difficulties dramatically improve their learning abilities, grades and exam results. The quality of their lives and their future prospects in life are greatly enhanced.

Learning then becomes a fun, an easy and an empowering experience. I have used this system successfully with clients from primary school children right up to PhD students with excellent results.

Many students come to me with ‘Exam Stress’ (fear of failure). I ask if they could read the answers of their exam questions from the exam room ceiling – would they then have any stress or anxiety? The answer is invariably ‘No’. I proceed to teach them ‘Dynamic
Learning’ skills that shows them how to install and recall information and become top students.

Dynamic Learning strategies teach them:

  • How to input information quickly and effectively and store and catalogue it in their
  • How to access and recall information instantly and accurately
  • To review and revise everything they have learned in a matter of minutes on a daily
    basis by using a scan reading system.

Using this method a 400 page book can be revised in less than 2 minutes. This may sound incredible but everybody can do it. It is a lot easier and more effective than cramming or any other revision method. Students can revise their entire study programme daily with little time or effort, so by exam time, all of their text books are stored in their mind and are available for instant recall.

Quality sleep is necessary for the brain to process what has been learned during the day.

During sleep the brain organizes, arranges and stores learning in a way that make sense. Extensive regions of the brain become involved in processing memories during a particular form of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep. The vital roles of both Slow Wave Sleep and REM or
Rapid Eye Movement during sleep in memory consolidation and retention has been conclusively established. A good night’s sleep after a good days learning allows the brain to successfully complete the process. Following a good night’s sleep the next day’s learning experience will also be much easier with better results. Quality sleep is vital for quality learning.

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Discover hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can help you get rid of all of your learning problems and dyslexia

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Discover Hypnosis and NLP therapy that can change your life

Hypnsis for learning and dyslexia can help you start reading and memorising like a talented student.

You will learn how to input information quickly and effectively and store and catalogue it in their Mind, how to access and recall information instantly and accurately and how to review and revise everything they have learned in a matter of minutes on a daily basis by using a scan reading system.Performance anxiety can be permanently and successfully eliminated in just one session hypnosis session.

Total Mind Dynamics and Tom Ryan have been treating all forms of learning dificulties with hypnotherapy, NLP and teaching improves reading and memorising skills for over 20 years.

Tom Ryan has created a powerful Hypnotherapeutic and Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP treatment specially designed for those that want to improve learning and live a more happier life.

All treatments are one-to-one confidential private basis and most importantly – sucessfull!

“All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.”

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Hypnosis is very efficient way to permanently improve your learning and memorising skills

Hypnotherapy is the only effective method to change your life to better! 

  • No more learning problems
  • No more dyslexia
  • Safe and natural way

Embrace your true potential in every aspect of your life. Don’t let learning problems stop you in achieving your dreams!

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