Stress Relieve Through Hypnosis Fight or Flight?

Our brains are continuously receiving a myriad of messages to deal with. The external environment supplies every day input like news, music, jobs, relationships, weather etc. Our internal environment provides input concerning movement, digestion, tension, pain, etc.

Under threatening conditions, mankind still resorts to a primitive survival mechanism known as the fight or flight response, a means of dealing with perceived danger, threats or attacks. When the conscious mind can no longer handle threatening stimuli, the unconscious prepares us for fight or flight..... Our hearts pumps harder, adrenaline races through our systems, blood pressure rises, super strength can be generated.... We are ready for a physical confrontation. But sometimes there is nothing to fight. We can't physically fight the environment or a job, an accident, a bad decision and so on. So... now what?

Unable to fight, the reaction turns to flight, which can be equally impossible and a state of apathy or depression ensues. Now we begin to exhibit the effects of stress.

Thankfully, stress is not always negative, certain kinds of stress that are very desirable, for instance: the stress of romantic encounters, job promotions, athletic competitions and such, but stressors that produce debilitation, depression, excessive smoking, overeating, anger, grief and other reactions that cause dysfunction and unhappiness need to be dealt with and released; and sometimes therapeutic intervention is required.

Stress is a fact of life. We can't eliminate all stressful situations. The good news is that through this treatment we can alter our perceptions and reactions to stress.

After identifying the stress stimuli and the physical and/or emotional responses, rapid change can be achieved through hypnosis. In the hypnotic state, reframing can create positive new responses to replace the continuing devastating reactions to past events. Deeply held emotions or hurt feeling can be brought to the surface and released and externally induced pressures can be relieved. Armed with new and positive re-programming to old disturbances, major positive changes in attitudes and reactions are realized; and a greatly improved quality of life is enjoyed.