Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change. With Hypnosis, we can create desired changes in behaviour and encourage mental and physical well-being.

The mind is divided up into two parts; the conscious and the unconscious parts of the mind. You can think of the mind as being similar to an iceberg. The smaller part of the iceberg is what is visible above the water and equates to the conscious mind.

However, more than 90% of the iceberg is under the water and this equates to the unconscious part of your mind. The unconscious really contains the code and the running programs of who and what you are.

The conscious part of the mind is responsible for the following four tasks:

  1. Analytical mind – weighs up the pros and cons of a situation, figures things out;

  2. Rational mind – gives you reasons why you do what you do;

  3. Will power – allows you to start and complete tasks;

  4. Short-term memory.

The unconscious part of the mind is also responsible for four tasks:

  1. Self-preservation – This is the unconscious mind’s first role. Your unconscious mind will protect you from whatever it perceives to be dangerous whether that be real or imagined. There is no difference between something imagined in-detail and something ‘real’ at an unconscious mind level. This is why we can have irrational fears, phobias and anxieties. Only by accessing the unconscious mind can they be resolved.
  2. Habits – all habits are a function of our unconscious mind. This is why hypnosis is so useful at correcting unwanted habits because it works at the same level of mind that the habit resides. It is also the reason why using willpower alone is so ineffective because will power is a function of the conscious mind.
  3. Emotions – all emotions, including unresolved anger and fear are located at the level of the unconscious mind. This is why hypnosis works so well at alleviating panic, self-doubt, poor self-image, and self sabotaging programmes etc because it is working at the emotional mind level.
  4. Long-term memory – The unconscious has recorded everything that has happened to you or that you have learned since you were born. All events are available to your unconscious mind, including those you have consciously forgotten or repressed.

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis has been defined and explained in numerous ways but what it is, in essence, is:

  1. A mechanism to gain access to your unconscious mind, which is where you need to be, in order to achieve change.
  2. Establish acceptable suggestion at an unconscious mind level. Remember that any information that accesses your unconscious mind is accepted literally. So suggestions for health, healing and change are recorded permanently (once you find those suggestions acceptable) and must take affect in your life. There are no exceptions to this.

In Hypnosis:

  • You Hear everything I say to you;
  • You can Speak if asked or want to;
  • You can Move, cough, itch etc without affecting your level of trance;.
  • Hypnosis is perfectly Natural and Safe: if you ever daydreamed, read a book and laughed or were scared, got engrossed in a film, drove someplace without remembering passing certain towns, just before you fall asleep and just after you wake up you are in hypnosis; everybody experiences hypnosis many times every day.
  • You are in Complete Control. I cannot do it to you or for you;
  • You will Remember everything that is said in the session if you want to.

What is NOT Hypnosis

  • You are Not Asleep – if you fall asleep I’ll wake you up and start over!
  • You are Not Unconscious;
  • You Cannot get stuck in hypnosis;
  • You Cannot be made do anything against your will. It is proven to be impossible to make anyone in hypnosis do anything against his or her will.
  • There is No such thing as a ‘hypnotised feeling’: some people might feel a tingling in their body, or you might feel heavy, light, warm, or cold, or perhaps a fluttering of eyelids, but other than that there is no physical feeling in hypnosis.
  • It is Not a contest! If you decide to resist I cannot help you. Hypnosis is something you decide to willingly enter, I guide you and you choose to follow the session because it’s in your best interest to do so. As you are the one in control at all times, there is nothing I can do to help you if you resist the suggestions.

The benefits won’t ware off. Because changes brought about under hypnosis are self-rewarding - the effects will become stronger over time.

Hypnotic Contract
Hypnosis is a contract between two people to achieve a desired outcome.
You have my word that I will give 100% of all that I’ve got. I will be compassionate, non-judgmental and at all times, have your best interests at heart. I will make sure no harm comes to you. I ask that you simply follow what is being said and together we will work to resolve the difficulty in the fastest and most effective way possible.