The conventional Buteyko Breathing Method is a Programme developed by Russian Respiratory professor Konstantin Buteyko to recondition patients' breathing volume to normal levels.
Having studied, researched and used this method himself and with many clients Tom has augmented the technique into a simpler and more effective model which he calls PneumoDynamics.

What is involved is an examination of your predominant breathing and then showing you how to correct your breathing so that your body and mind can work healthily and in optimum biological health.
By doing this and practicing the techniques a person can more effectively reduce their weight, overcome stress, panic and anxiety, resolve long standing sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, snoring and toxic sleep syndrome (waking up feeling tired) and achieve drug-free asthma control.

More advanced techniques can be use by athletes and sports people to achieve excellent levels of fitness, endurance and performance in their chosen discipline.
These techniques have been exclusively developed, tried and tested by Tom and his clients over a long period of time and can get you the edge you have been looking for.

It can turn a mediocre performer into a consistently elite winning athlete – without additional training hours. When used in conjunction with the mind therapies to remove and dissolve any fears of failures that combination becomes possibly the best way for you to achieve your absolute best in any sport.