Sleeping Problems include: Insomnia, Sleep Apnea & Nightmares.

The quality of your life when you suffer from sleeplessness is one of stress, lack of concentration and the inability to cope with or deal with the requirements of the day.
People who can’t sleep live in a state of misery.

INSOMNIA… is the inability to get to sleep because your mind is racing and you can’t switch off.

INSOMNIA… can be dealt with effectively by using Hypnosis to access the part of the mind which is running the program that keeps one awake. That program can be changed. It’s a bit like a computer virus. Once removed or changed natural sleep patterns will return. This is usually a permanent solution.
Racing minds can also be overloaded to get them to shut down.
The natural process and sleeping mechanism is restored and you then sleep peacefully until your allocated time to get up in the morning, feeling refreshed, rested and well.

SLEEP APNEA… is the experience of waking up usually suddenly and then not being able to get back to sleep. It is poorly understood even by so called “Sleep Experts.” In its most acute form a person wakes up suddenly and often in a state of agitation or confusion.
What really happens is that the person asleep is mouth breathing and often snoring. This has a hyperventelative effect. Carbon dioxide levels in the body become critically low and the “Fight or Flight” mechanism is triggered sending a massive blast of adrenalin throughout the body. That will wake you up fast. They can’t get back to sleep because this is like having drank six or more cups of strong black coffee. The solution is to re program the mind and change the breathing patterns. Success rates are very high.

NIGHTMARES… are seriously disturbing dreams and often of a recurring nature that disturb sleep and often wakes one up in terror.

NIGHTMARES… of a recurring and sleep disturbing nature are caused by the unconscious mind trying to tell us something and we are not listening, not understanding or not responding.
Hypnosis for this like the other sleep problems is the ideal solution and the mind can be put at rest and the problem disappears.

SLEEP… is so important to our wellbeing and the quality of our lives that these problems should be attended to as a matter of urgency.