Performance Anxiety is an expectation that you won’t live up to your capabilities and that you will let yourself down in front of others. In fact it prevents you from living up to those capabilities. It can inhibit you in many ways from achieving your true potential and to have the quality of life you deserve it must be eliminated.

Your expectation of yourself and your abilities can be completely changed. To embrace your true potential in every aspect of your life; from doing well in exams, to performing to your maximum capabilities in sports and athletics, the damaging and limiting underlying programs must be stopped and eliminated.

Like so many other problems conditioned programming i.e constantly being told what you couldn’t do, or that you weren’t good enough or that you would fail tend to become your realised realities because you expect them to.
These like all other mind programs can be completely changed to life enhancing ones where you can then perform to your full capabilities joyfully.