People with dyslexia can read. It is not a disease, it’s a mind dysfunction that can be corrected.

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I have developed an amazing system that I call ‘Dynamic Learning’ that uses powerful structures and strategies that makes learning easy for everyone, including the so called ‘learning deficient’ students and dyslexics alike, along with anyone else studying any program.

My clients dramatically improve their grades, exam results and learning abilities. It becomes fun, easy and an empowering talent. I have used this system successfully with primary school children right up to PhD level students.

A lot of students come to me with ‘Exam Stress’ (fear of failure), I ask them if they could read the answers to all of their exam questions from the exam room ceiling – would they have any stress or anxiety? The answer is invariably ‘No’. I proceed to teach them dynamic learning skills that shows them how to use their mind to do exactly that!

They learn
1. how to input information effectively and quickly and store and catalogue it in their Mind
2. how to recall information instantly and accurately
3. to revise everything they have learned on a daily basis in a matter of minutes by using a scan reading system e.g using this method a 400 page book is revised in less than 2 minutes. This may sound incredible but everybody can do it. It is a lot easier and more effective than any other method of revision. They can revise their entire program of work on a daily basis with very little time or effort, so that by exam time all of their text books are programmed and stored inside their mind for instant recall.

Sleep and Learning
Quality sleep is necessary for the brain to consolidate the memories of the days learning experiences. The brain organizes and consolidates the information it receives from the days learning experiences and arranges it in a way it can make sense of during sleep.

Researchers say that extensive regions of the brain become involved in processing memories during a particular form of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep. They say they have conclusively established the vital roles of both Slow Wave Sleep and REM or rapid eye movement during sleep in memory consolidation and retention. A good nights sleep after a good days learning is important for quality results in learning. The next days learning will also be much easier and give better results after a good nights sleep. Quality sleep is vital for quality learning.