Say goodbye to ASTHMA…for good.

Asthma is not a disease. Asthma is a condition caused by hyperventilative breathing. It’s a habit. Habits can be changed with Hypnosis. New ASTHMA free breathing methods can be learned. Triggers can be released. Allergies can be neutralised. Life can be normal again… or indeed for the first time.

Just think of it. No more huffing and puffing…no more choking for breath… no more coughing and wheezing… no more inhalers or nebulisers.
Pneumodynamic Breathing and Hypnosis can give you a new ASTHMA free life.

Likewise all allergies are inappropriate programs that are running at an unconscious level that produces the allergic reaction. Once the underlying trigger event that gave rise to the reaction has been resolved through the use of hypnosis the allergy is no more and no longer affects or bothers you in any way.

Reduction and elimination of asthma and / or allergy medication will always be done in consultation with your Doctor. Most of my clients totally eliminate, permanently, any need for drugs to control their asthma or allergies.