Weight reduction is an empowering personal experience. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s not about more dieting. Diets are temporary at best. A lifestyle change is for life, your life!

weight-loss-oneTake this opportunity to undergo a free “Lifestyle Analysis” which will enable us to create your personal plan for a slim new you. It takes into account your present weight, your efforts to reduce it, your experience with “Diets”, your state of health, your age, what you eat, what you don’t eat, your nutritional intake, whether you use supplements, how much exercise you get, foods you crave, when you eat, if you binge, your emotional relationship to food, how you see yourself and how and what you think of yourself.

How you live your life in relation to food and what is not working for you become apparent and then and only then can a “Personal Slimming Programme” for you be developed.

The old Programs that are running in your mind in relation to food are not serving you well so we eliminate them and create new Programs in your mind. The mind is all-powerful and when you are running the same harmonious programs both inside and outside then Slimming is easy. The struggle and conflict are gone and the result is a slim new you with a new image of yourself and boundless new energy.

If you keep doing what you have always being doing to lose weight…you will keep getting the same old distressing results.

What keeps you overweight?

  • Discover the foods that put lbs on you.
  • Discover the triggers that make you want to eat.
  • Identify and overcome the mental hurdles that keep you from loosing weight.
  • Discover the ‘lies’ of calories and eat well as you become fit and slim.
  • Discover how you are deliberately ‘kept addicted to carbohydrates’ for commercial gain – and how to de-program the addiction with hypnosis.
  • No more good days and bad. No more conflict between mind and body.

self-imageSelf Image

  • Learn the ‘Myth’ of ‘Self Esteem’ which is always low and discover how to create an excellent ‘Self Image’.
  • Learn how to control your body from inside your mind – to make the slimming process easy!
  • Learn to take control of your ‘Self Image’ and how to program your body shape and size permanently for a better life.

Why are you Overweight?

  • Your unconscious mind has a program for food intake and maybe even cravings and addictions to certain foods that make you fat.
  • Low fat foods make addictions and cravings worse.
  • Snack foods have chemicals put into them to make you want more. It’s about money for them.
  • ‘Diet’ and ‘Slimline’ drinks make you overeat later.
  • Nearly all ‘Diet Programs’ are designed to fail in order to keep you coming back for more! If you are out of control they make lots of money.

This is your chance to do something completely new and get completely different results…a permanent healthier SLIM NEW YOU!
Make your appointment today to meet that SLIM NEW YOU!