Close Your Eyes. Now Imagine Your Perfect Life,
The Life Of Your Dreams, Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Joy, Whatever It Is You Want. Imagine it now.

You Can Learn to Make it Happen Quickly and Easily! Go Ahead… Enjoy the experience. Then Open Your Eyes and… Make Your Dream Come True!

Yes! You can quickly change your life and learn to open your eyes to your true potential when youbring out the true Magic In Your Mind with


Holographic Self-Hypnosis!


Fears, Limitations and Blockages can then be easily overcome!                                

Confidence, Success and happiness is the result! You know you are worth it!


Belgrade 2014


Your mind is your great hidden asset. Learn to connect with its amazing power discover how to maximize your true potential.

This is suitable training for all who wish to enjoy the enhanced experience of understanding and communicating with the subconscious mind. It is especially beneficial for therapists of every discipline.


Each person attending will discover:

WhatHolographic Self-Hypnosis is and what it is not.

How it can be used to enhance the quality of your life.

Step by step waysto easeyou into self-hypnosis.

How easy it is to apply, deepen and enjoy Holographic Self-Hypnosis.


Use Self Hypnosis to:

HolographicSelf-Hypnosis provides you with new information and exciting new ways to use your mind more successfully.

Connect with and harness the infinite power of your subconscious mind.

Learn to relax hypnotically, relieve stress and communicate powerfully with your inner mind.

Develop and nurture your relationship with both your subconscious and your unconscious mind.

Take control and “Script” your life rather than playing bit parts in other peoples scripts.

Learn intriguing methods of internal communication and other applications of Self Hypnosis.

Create incredible changes and transform your life.

Develop a photographic memory.

Improve every aspect of your life with Holographic Self- Hypnosis.

What’s in it for you?

With HolographicSelf-Hypnosis you can achieve much more with your mind and in your life than you ever thought possible. Your mind is your greatest asset. Learn how to really use it more fully? Give yourself undeniable proof of its power with amazing results!

Holographic Self-Hypnosis provides you with new information and exciting new ways to use your mind more successfully.

Make More Of Your Mind And Your Life.

Create More Harmonious Relationships

Improve Your Finances During Recession.

Release Stress, Stop Worrying And Start Living

Increase Your Self Confidence

Succeed In Career/Creativity/ Business

Enjoy Better Health In Mind And Body

Replace Negative Feelings With Positive Goals

Take Control Of Your Thinking And Your Life

Create Abundance and Wealth In Your Life

Learn To Make Your Dreams Come True

Learn To Use The Other 90% Of Your Mind


Certification and your future

You can use this as Module One of the Four Module Training Programme to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Participate in all sessions to become Certified in Holographic Self-Hypnosis and qualify for Modules 2, 3 and 4 to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. This is a wonderful career opportunity.

Book your place today and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity in Belgrade 2014

HolographicHypnosis Training is recognized as the leader in its field.