1. Can my mind be controlled?

No! Nobody can make you do or think anything under hypnosis that you wouldn’t normally do or think. You cannot be controlled. If people in a stage show act silly it’s because they want to.

2. Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, anyone who wants to can be hypnotized.

3. How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis provides access to the unconscious mind where all of our programmed behavior is encoded and stored. With my guidance you literally change undesirable emotions, habits, and behaviors, into new desirable ones. You create a new you!

4. What does hypnosis feel like?

There is no such thing as a hypnotized feeling. Everybody’s experience is uniquely their own. Most people however experience hypnosis as refreshing, relaxing, and energizing; for some even more refreshing than sleep. Most important is the fact that it works and people get results.

5. How long does therapy last? How many sessions does it take?

The number of required sessions varies between individuals and the nature of the therapy. As a rule hypnotherapy is considered short-term therapy compared to conventional psychotherapy.

6. Is hypnotherapy useful for children?

Most children respond exceptionally well to hypnotherapy. Common applications include:

  • Improving academic performance
  • Eliminating test anxiety
  • Enhancing athletic skills
  • Increasing concentration
  • Building self esteem and motivation
  • Sibling rivalry and disciplinary issues and bullying
  • Bed wetting, stammering and sleeping problems

7. "How do I know if I can be hypnotized?"

There are only three types of people that cannot be hypnotized:

  1. A person in a psychotic process
  2. A person with an abnormally low IQ
  3. A person who really does not want to be hypnotized

If you can focus your attention, use your imagination, and desire to be hypnotized, you can enter hypnosis anytime you wish.
Actually, hypnotisability is a sign of intelligence and was used extensively by such brilliant authors as Aldous Huxley and Joyce, scientists like Einstein, inventors such as Henry Ford and Edison and many more throughout history. You are in good company using hypnosis!

Learn to navigate in that "in-between", dream-like state, which is part of the normal range of human consciousness, and you will be amazed at your hidden abilities and strengths!
In a private session, it just becomes a question of how deep are you willing to go in the presence of another person.
Most people readily outsource their daily trance to the biggest hypnotizer of all time: television. And with 60% of TV commercials about junk food, it is no wonder why so many people are overweight, and have poor body image.
Learn to use your mind more effectively to bring about the changes you want.

8. Can I be made to do anything or say anything I don’t want to under hypnosis?

No. You are always in control and conscious of your surroundings. You hear everything that is going on; nothing happens without your consent. The hypnotherapist provides a safe, supportive environment for you while helping you relax and make the positive, beneficial changes you choose for yourself.

9. Will the effects wear off?

No. Once accepted by the mind those changes that occur will be made permanent as long as you continue to live congruently will the suggestions / changes that have taken root at a sub-conscious level. We all have free-will and you can use it any way you choose, so as long as you continue to choose to live congruently with the changes that have been made then they will remain permanent.